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Hi! Welcome to Stepping Stone Tuition and thank you for visiting my online home. I have put this post together to tell you a bit of my history. 

So what's my story? 

My name is Samantha Rix and I currently live in Scotland with my Son Thomas, 4 (nearly 5) and this here is my private tuition business. 


I have been teaching since 2003, hold a full UK Bachelors Degree in Education and now specialise in MATHS, ENGLISH and PIANO tuition for Primary to Secondary aged students, including exam preparation for GCSEs, Nationals 4 and 5.  I also teach adults too, who may looking to re-sit exams, improve their CVs or learn something new like.

I have taught across the globe! I started my Career in Devon, followed by some time in Scottish schools, before I decided to take up a fantastic overseas teaching contract at an International British School in Penang Malaysia. I taught here for 3 years and had the most amazing experiences, both professionally and personally. So to summarise, I have taught the English Curriculum, Scottish Curriculum and the International Primary Curriculum. But wherever you are in the world, fractions are still fractions!  


I conduct most of my live online or face to face lessons after school hours internationally. During weekdays whilst children are at school, I am actually now a fully qualified Physical Therapist under Samantha Jane Reflexology. Why the career change? One of my greatest passions whilst I taught in schools was children's Health and Wellbeing. I now design, coach and run Health and Wellbeing Massage Courses, delivering training to educational and community based establishments as well as online to families internationally. But in the evenings, we're still working on Pythagoras Theorem! I love being my own boss and to be honest, I am able to invest into my own training and time to learn the most up to date skills and knowledge and teach in a way that works best for my students. I enjoyed my time in public schools tremendously, but growth happens when we move on and try new things!

Key Skills and Responsibilities

  • Maths, Literacy & Assessment Co-ordinator

  • IPC International Primary Curriculum Developer

  • Thinking Skills Trainer

  • Art Leader

  • PSHE Personal Social and Health Education leader,

  •  Online resource & curriculum developer

  •  Course design and Health and Wellbeing Coach


What would students/parents say about me?

I would say my key strengths and qualities are patience, kindness, compassion and enthusiasm. Students always feel more self assured and confident even after the first couple of sessions with me. I understand and appreciate how difficult things may seem at first, but there is always a new approach, demonstration or explanation that helps the 'penny drop!'

I always spend quality time pushing students to their limits to discover where their gaps are in any given topic. As soon as we discover together where the gap is, we spend time filling it in until they feel successful!

Above all, learning must be fun and relevant. I believe as all great teachers do, success comes after confidence. Help a child feel they can achieve even the hardest of hurdles and the world is their oyster!

Why do I create ONLINE COURSES?

Simple! To provide additional support, practise, knowledge and content for both the student and their parents/guardians. Having taught for many years, the best way for any student to accelerate their learning and achieve their best results is not just by investing time into their own practise (there are only so many teaching hours at school in a day, with very limited time for key subjects) but for their parents to have access to the learning steps. Maths is not everybody's cup of tea and not all parents feel confident trying to explain complex processes. In order to get from A to B, we need to understand where we are, where we came from and where need to go in any given mathematical problem, or even life for that matter! My carefully designed lessons and additional tasks, challenges and resources do just this. They guide every student from beginning to developing to finally mastering level. 



My courses can be completed as a stand alone course to work through at your own pace and time to boost your knowledge after school or, students can purchase my SIGNATURE TUITION PACKAGE which is a blend of both live online lessons with me personally as well as full access to my online maths platform. This has fast become my most popular package because it is simply very unique in the tuition industry. I am one of the very few tutors who personally designs their own learning courses and platforms. I am not a large educational business with a team of resource creators. I am just me. Your personal tutor giving you the best quality online teaching and support there is in addition to your school life. 


✯✯✯✯✯ ​ Sam is one of the best teachers I've had. She makes it really easy to understand concepts in Maths (GCSE) that I just found so hard in school. Our lessons were always fun and I learnt so much with her. Good luck with everything Sam and thank you! L, 16, Maths Student, 2018 
​ ✯✯✯✯✯ ​ 5/5 We are delighted that we found Sam! Excellent tutor! Her and my son achieved A grades with his Nat 5 English exams. We are delighted and so pleased. Jeanette M, Facebook, 2019
✯✯✯✯✯ Friendly, professional and inspiring in her teaching methods. Sam makes learning very enjoyable and effective. She cleverly identified learning needs and developed lessons with varied resources to address them. Would not hesitate to recommend. ​​Terry - Parent (Direct Message) 2016
✯✯✯✯✯ ​ Samantha was a reliable, enthusiastic and organised tutor. Both children enjoyed their sessions with her. I would highly recommend her! ​​Judy - Parent (As seen on First Tutors) 2017
✯✯✯✯✯ A passionate, dedicated teacher with a real talent for engaging children of all abilities. Whilst working with Samantha for 3 years I was fortunate enough to observe how she tailors every lesson to suit the pupils in her care and how she ensures each and every student reaches their full potential. She is a total professional in this field! Kelly - Colleague (As seen on google) 2016
✯✯✯✯✯ Dedicated, enthusiastic, reliable and professional. Would definitely recommend 100% . Daisy - SENCO (As seen on google) 2015
✯✯✯✯✯ She brings out the best in every child! Students love her and she loves her students! A great role-model and a teacher by heart! I learned so much from her whilst observing her lessons! Svenja - Colleague (As seen on google) 2015

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